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A Whole Lot of Good

In a world where there exists so much mayhem and violence, it is much easier to be focussed on the negative things that are happening- recession, credit crunch, rise in crime especially among young black boys, ingratitude and misbehaviour of children, rise of promiscuity and loss of moral value- on and on and on.

 It is so easy to slip into complacency that we miss out the good bits in life.  Not because we are so numbed by all this chaos, but because a lot of us are tired of being disappointed by the potential for good steered in the wrong direction, tired of having to exert so much energy to find a decently behaved child-not perfect but at least courteous.

Thing is, we don’t have to look too hard. We have been more or less tricked by the advent of the media portraying the negativity in the world because of its scare factor. On the one hand, it is important to know what areas are unsafe and the dangers out there in order to guard the community and especially children from danger, but on the other hand, the media has a habit of exaggerating things slightly creating negative reactions.

When I lived in London with my younger brother, we often took the tube to church.  It was a long way out and had to change from the Piccadilly line at Finsbury Park to the Victoria line, then change to the Bakerloo line at Oxford Circus. Many times, when we got on the train, some of the ladies would literally stare at my brother in fear (he’s 6”2 in height), and grip their purses. We always thought it was funny because my brother is not the kind of guy anyone would be afraid of. In fact, he has more mothers than he can count because he’s so loveable.  It was so funny that he started putting on his ‘Hard-I’m going to hurt you-what you looking at’ face and that would really get a reaction while I sat next to him trying hard to keep a straight face.

Now I’m not saying that these people were racists, but the media has led us to think that black boys in hoods are trouble. And that’s not the way it is.

Finding examples of good in the world is easier than we may think. I was amazed even 2 weeks ago at an event put on by the Bridge Centre called ‘Faith 2 Face’ for the youth. It was hard for me to believe that teenagers could behave so well. Like usual there were jokers dubbed- Green Jumper boy and September Boy, but even their antics were laughable but not over the edge. They were obedient, polite, and very friendly and took part in the activities. I even thought to myself that the teachers must have bribed them or something. Or maybe they were just good children. It made me think that there is still hope for the future, hope for today and maybe we should spend more time highlighting the good around us instead of the bad and our children will not think that you have to stab somebody to be in the papers or on television. That might just work.

What I’m trying to say is that there are still good things in the world, good people for today and the future. Try your hand at making a difference in one person’s life and that person might just mentor someone else because you took the time in setting an example by believing in them. Plus you will be sowing good karma for yourself.

Have a go, you might just enjoy it!


Our Pact

When you create a blog, one assumes that something will be written and posted…soon. But me, no. I’m a bit slow. It is important that I think very carefully on the contents, form and relevance of my posts. For this reason I’ve put off my very first post. But in the name of progress I make an effort to write something.

I do not commit, however to regular postings, because you, my reader will be bitterly disappointed.  I write with my emotions. Sometimes I can write all day and others, I’m an empty barrel making no noise whatsoever-writers block they call it.

So my purpose is to make you no promises i cannot fulfill, but to surprise you. Delight you and entice you with the inner workings of my mind in different ways which could really be the same really.

I’ll try not to bore you… only  if you remain faithful.

This is our pact. Anticipate a real post sometime soon. Whenever.

P.S. (though this is not a letter) Can you believe the spell checker does not recognise blog as a word? how odd.