Get Over Yourself!


Clarity amid the haze...

The nerve of some people really gets to me. How dare you turn your nose up at what comes as a life saver to some people? So you live in a wall house, you have a flushing toilet, you eat meat everyday with three square meals, you drive a car and have the latest mobile phones so what?

Some people can hardly afford to eat, some people, as soon as they get the pay cheque, that’s it! Kiss it goodbye. It pays the rent, barely the bills with nothing left over. But by the grace of God they survive. I survive.

I thank you Lord for the lifts I get from the people around me saving £10.80 every week. I thank you Lord for my house, it may not be exactly the one I imagined, but it saves me money I can pay the bills. I thank you for the people you surround me with, loving, and more worried about each other than themselves. I thank you Lord for the food I get for free, saving me on shopping every week. So what it’s not what I like, so what it’s expired? It’s been a while…I’m not dead, I’m not sick; I’ve even put on some weight!  You may call it rubbish and insult it, but I call it God’s own provision and I gladly welcome it.


So forget you and your pride. Forget you and your jeers at my unfortunate situation. Because at the end of the day, I may not have your material or financial wealth, but I’m a lot happier than you!


Photo Credit: MDPhotography