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Think about it

Some time ago, my friends and I were having a very rare moment where I was concerned. Holed up in my bedroom, we had a very frank and open conversation about ourselves (i really need a trophy for this guys!) and the question came up, ‘Who would you be if you weren’t a christian?’

There was a slight pause and somebody laughed. Being the poser of the question, I took the bold step- and I mean bold- and answered first.

‘If I weren’t a christian I’d be a goth. Complete with piercings and tattoos, skulls and dark clothing, trying  out any and everything just for the fun of it.’

As you can imagine, they were shocked as a goth was the last thing they expected. Completely out of my character.

I had thought about this before as any other young person tempted toforget about God and just enjoy life, no boundaries because it’s just too hard. Asking myself the question, that’s what I came up with. Comparing my life as a goth and as a christian, I realised that I would be much happier and successful as it is now.

I have a father always watching out for me and working in my favour all i have to do in return is love and obey him. don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the easier way to go, but the better one.

Who would you be?