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Celebration Service on Sabbath 18th September 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything on my blog but I’m trying my hand at, (in the words of Linknin’ Park ),”Breaking the Habit” So here goes…

Last Sabbath was amazing in so many ways. I was expecting it to be a really good day, but I did not expect it to be so Amazing!

The CoG7 Training & Conference Centre held a celebration service for their 1st year of being at the Nantwich site, which is funny, becasuse it wasn’t even meant to be a celebration service! See how God moves?

Tina prayed a prayer asking God to show up in a real way and we got stuck in. After we (the praise and worship team + our musicians Adrian, Courtney, Marcus and Andrae, (who I must say I love very much!), practiced till about 2:00am, I was up doing some last minute prep till 3:45, and finally dozed off at about 4:30am (see what excitement does to you?)

I asked God to allow me to worship on the day, forgetting there are others around and really with all my heart magnify Him. I asked for this because I thought, this is a thanksgiving service and I never really let go and give God all he is due in front of people cause I’m very, (I have to admit), self-conscious.

The morning I woke up really early to shower before anyone else, and I went down to the Chapel and looked around to make sure everything was fine and it was. The heaters were still on everything plugged in. That put my mind to rest.

When service was about to start the Devil showed up! The thing is, the guy always shows up when God is about to do something amazing and I always try to remember that when any issues arise. But in the name of Jesus, the ladies were able to sort things out as apparently the extension cords were burnt out and all the heaters went off as well as the PA equipment which the guys worked so hard to set up the morning.  That took up all the time that was assigned for morning intercessory prayer.

Then sis Sharon started service with just about 5 of us and the chapel was laid out for about 170 people. That was a bit discouraging, but I said to myself that we need to learn to worship when there is no one, because where 2 or 3 are gathered the Lord is in our midst. So we began praise and worship and we praised and worshipped until the brethren trickled in slowly.

God showed up in a real way for me and many others! I was personally blessed by Elder Comrie’s message on the midnight Cry. In your midnight (which could be in the Morning, day, or night), it’s just you and God. All the stong people who are usually around us, will be no where to be found. We need to have our bottom draw with the word stored up, for when our midnight comes and we cannot bear to read the word, or even pray.

I was encouraged by sis Shermin’s testimony of healing, by her little sons’ prayers! Proof that God can use you to do great things, no matter who you are!

Pastor Stewart blessed us with her message in the evening with her message on the same topic. She said, should you ever get a blessing from God, take it all and not half, or three quarters, take it all. She used the illustration of the tarrying of the bridegroom to encourage us not to become fools when everything seems ok. Do not drop your guard, because the enemy will swoop in and you’ll never even realise until it’s done!

Tina prayed for God to show up and he did! I prayed for the freedom to praise God and I did. It felt like I was in a world of my own on that day and I really give God thanks for that.

I give him thanks for the peole who supported us like the brethren from Manchester Church, First Born International, Shekinah Shur, Wolverhampton Church of God 7th Day, Birmingham Chrch of God 7th day, Derby Church of God 7th Day and all the others I can’t think of at the Moment, God bless you!

I thank God for all the participants, like the Praise and worship Team, the Musicians, the Speakers- Elder Comrie and Pastor Stewart, the Teacher Pastor Allen- May God continue to bless your part in His ministry and grow you from strength to strength!

The organisers of the DAy- Sis Sharon and Pastor Allen- May God see your heart for Him and bless you, keep you, encourage you, love you and pour out His spirit upon you.

The Managing Director of the CoG7 Training & onference Centre- Bro Hughie- May the grace of God continue to shine upon you in every way and May you continue to move with the vision, even though others may not catch on. May He furnish you with the gift and characteristics for the furtherment of this ministry as you continue in His will.

And may our heavenly father look down on all our lives and continue to be patient with us, love and be gracious to us as the prayer of our heart is to give ourselves wholly and completely to Him.

For those of you who weren’t there, you missed it! But that’d teach you to be there next time.

That’s all for now, till I find something else to write about!