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Uganda- Off we go!

The excitement was so bad I couldn’t sleep on the night of the 28th November which was the same night I packed for my trip. On the 29th, at about 9pm, I was picked up by Charles to head to Manchester. The flight wasn’t till about 6am the next morning, but to make sure we were on time, we spent the night at their friend’s house, only 3 minutes from the Airport.

When we arrived I had a headache, so went to bed as soon as I could, it must have been about midnight though.

We woke up at about 2am and got ready to go to the airport for checking in at 3am. I wasn’t very tired, but excited. The children, Bethany, and the twins Ethan and Nathan seemed wide awake, it was almost as if they knew exactly what was going on.

Off to Uganda!

After all the checking in and waiting, we finally got on the plane and took off to Amsterdam, where we changed to a Uganda Flight.

The flight was tiring, imagine travelling for 9.5 hours with 2 very active 18 month old boys. There was loads of fussing, giggling, climbing, pulling, sleeping, (not enough though), etc. Plus, the boys had to be strapped to whoever holding them for the whole trip try eating food if you can’t even put the tray down! Honestly, just as they have car seats for babies travelling in cars, can they not have “plane seats” for travelling in planes?

Enough of that though, I was too excited to sleep anyway, I was going to Africa!


Where o Where o Where is Mavia??

So my good friend Olivia told me that she’d be going home to do the traditional wedding ceremony in December- She’s from Uganda.

Map of Uganda

I’d promised her I’d go with her ages ago, but didn’t think it would’ve been so soon.

Anyway, as I’d promised, I followed through with it and bought the tickets.

All in all it was an amazing trip. Enjoyed as a member of the community and a muzungu (forrigner). There is so much more to this amazing country than the media would have you believe. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a trip sometime 😁