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Where o Where o Where is Mavia??

So my good friend Olivia told me that she’d be going home to do the traditional wedding ceremony in December- She’s from Uganda.

Map of Uganda

 I’d promised her I’d go with her ages ago, but didn’t think it would’ve been so soon.

Anyway, as I’d promised, I followed through with it and bought the ticket.

The next string of blogs will be tracking a 22 day experience in Uganda starting the 1st of December.

I’d originally thought I would be able to type these directly onto the internet, but alas, it was not to be. Where I live there is no internet, so I’ve had to write them down for the time being and then post them. It’s a long process, but nevermind, I’ve found an alternate solution to this.

This is how hard I'll be working to keep you updated!

So to keep up with me and my journey through Uganda and possibly Kenya, please check for the daily blogs coming soon…